Zeiss DTI 4/50 hand held thermal imaging camera features a high-resolution 640 × 512 sensor with sub 25mk NETD sensitivity, and ZSIP image processing.

With the largest lens in the range, the DTI 4/50 thermal monocular features an F1.0 50mm focal length to deliver maximum performance with 2.9x to 11.6x mag.

Perfect for locating and observing wildlife over large areas, the ZEISS DTI 4/50 thermal imager is the ideal choice thanks to its tremendous detection range allowing you to detect heat sources clearly in high contrast and sharp image quality, at distances of up to 2,635 metres.


When hunting or observing wildlife at night, sophisticated technology is required in order to identify targets with a high degree of accuracy using a thermal imaging camera. The image processing process plays a critical role in achieving exceptional image quality. With this in mind, ZEISS is introducing ZEISS Smart Image Processing Pro – an algorithm that uses a three-step optimisation process to create a clear, detailed image for the viewer from a raw sensor image to ensure that hunters and wildlife observers can gain the maximum amount of detail. In addition to processing the sensor output signal, ZSIP Pro optimises how the thermal image is displayed in two ways.

Firstly, to achieve the perfect contrast, it divides the full image into several sections of equal size, then optimises the contrast of each section individually in order to display the best possible image in each section. The algorithm then reassembles the results of the respective sections into a complete, fully optimised single image. Secondly, ZSIP Pro detects and enhances the visualisation of individual heat sources so that wildlife stands out and is clearly contrasted from the dark background.

Highly Customisable

Every situation is different, and every user has personal preferences, needs, and strategies for achieving success. The ZEISS DTI 4 is perfectly equipped for this – with numerous configuration options, you can tailor the DTI 4 to fit your requirements perfectly. From selecting your preferred zoom speed, to adjusting the duration of the stand-by timer, the LED configuration, to creating your own colour palettes, the DTI 4 can be customised in countless ways.

Personal settings can be saved with up to four observation profiles so that you are equipped for any eventuality.

High Detail Recognition with new 640 Sensor

The new 640 x 512 sensor offers higher image resolution for better image quality at all zoom levels, as well as a longer detection range with less noise at the same zoom level compared to a smaller sensor.

As a result, it offers more detail detection at greater distances.

Three Observation Modes for every situation

Different environmental situations require a different device setting. The DTI 4 has three pre-programmed observation modes: universal, detect and fog. Discover mode, highlights heat sources while reducing the cold background. This allows you to see animals behind trees and bushes better than ever before.

New Detection Mode

A thermal imager is designed to let the user know where an animal is located. Sometimes this is not an easy task as animals are often only partially visible and obscured by foliage etc.

Smart Standby Mode

When observing wildlife, the nearest power source is often out of reach. Carrying a portable charger is often required to make sure they don’t run out of power, which means extra weight and equipment. With an impressively long battery life of 7 hours, the DTI 4 models will hold enough charge for two to four outings. Therefore, extend the battery life by activating the smart standby function.

Picture in Picture Mode

Allows the user to maintain a full frame field of view with an overlying zoomed image, allowing you to see details whilst maintaining the ability to scan your surroundings.


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