The Wicked Lights A51IR is a revolutionary new high power infrared light system for use with digital and image intensifier night vision devices. It features a centre axis rotational 3 in 1 colour LED system to deliver a switchable 850nm – 940nm – visible red light, providing a stunning beam with super high power out to 750 yards with identification ranges out to 300yards when used on an Alpex A50T or Digex C50 for example.

Designed in the US using precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminium, the Wicked  Lights A51iR Predator delivers a beam which will provide identification of your quarry well in excess of any targetable distance, with a crystal clear beam for the ultimate in target acquisition. 

Users can change the beam width from a wide flood for scanning hand held, or a tight beam for taking long range shots on wary quarry, with a simple twist of the bezel. A Halo shield also reduces light splash.

The intensity control system, (remote control also supplied) allows you to instantly dim or brighten your light to max power, using the intensity control rheostat knob.

3 Colour In 1 Selection dial

You can choose from two different IR wavelengths AND visible red beam with no point of impact shift. One key feature which sets this multi beam gun light apart from other similar products on the market, is the ZERO loss of power ensuring the LED units deliver the maximum possible power.

Many other lights allow you to change the colours of the diode, by swapping out the pill. This is fine however it does not allow you to deliver the maximum power available in this technology.

There are other lights which have a similar built in switchable colour diode system, they too fail to deliver the maximum power and suffer point of impact shift.

Quick Detachable, Fully Adjustable Gun light mount

A quick detach gun light mount allows you to attach your Wicked Light A51iR to your night vision device or directly to your rifle. Zero perfectly to deliver a precise brilliant light beam where you need it on your optics using the fully adjustable NV mount.



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