PULSAR THERMION DUO DXP55 MULTISPECTRAL THERMAL RIFLESCOPE, combines the detection and observation performance of a Thermion 2 XP50 PRO with the identification capabilities of a colour daytime riflescope. This combination provides the ultimate performance for deer stalking and daytime vermin control, with the same long range thermal performance in complete darkness.



The Thermion Duo DXP55 removes the need for alternating scopes, allowing users to switch seamlessly between thermal imaging and day optics at the touch of a button, extending the hunt well after darkness falls. An extremely sensitive 640×480, 17µm, <25mK NETD European-made thermal sensor is complimented by a powerful 50mm f1.0 objective lens to offer a detection range of up to 1800m, and an integrated high definition 3840×2160 4K CMOS sensor achieves stunning day optical performance with accurate colour rendering.

The thermal sensor in this device will deliver incredible levels of thermal detail regardless of environmental conditions, working effectively in adverse weather, or in instances where thermal contrast is low. In these conditions, the Thermion Duo DXP55 is still more than capable of identifying a target with all its anatomical features, including minute details of the surrounding background. The large sensor enables a wide 12.4×9.3° field of view, offering a comfortable and more informative experience when observing both static and dynamic scenes.

The Thermion DUO DXP55 features a 4x base optical magnification on the colour 4K side, (compared to 2x in the DXP50) however the thermal sensor magnification remains the same at 2x to 16x mag.

This allows you to maintain field of view in either thermal or colour optical image via a digital 4K sensor, or mix it up with the PiP (picture in picture) window in thermal to main field of view colour day time, or the Pip in colour daytime and the main image in thermal.


Thermal Imaging and Day Optics in One

The Pulsar Thermion Duo DXP55 multispectral riflescope combines the detection capabilities of thermal imaging with the identification capabilities of full-colour day optics in a single, intuitive device – enhancing the hunting experience and allowing users to gain greater levels of information when observing targets at range. This level of information is further enhanced through a field of view that remains the same regardless of which optical channel the rifle is set to, and the removal of any need to refocus the scope as users switch between the two modes.


Powerful Day and Thermal Optics

Featuring a highly sensitive, European-made 640×480, 17µm, <25mK NETD Lynred thermal sensor, combined with a powerful, fast aperture 50mm f1.0 germanium objective lens, the Thermion Duo DXP50 will offer an impressive thermal detection range of up to 1800m whilst providing crystal clear thermal imagery in adverse conditions, or environments in which thermal contrast is low.

The Thermion Duo DXP55 also features a 3840×2160 4K CMOS sensor which provides crystal clear daytime observation capabilities, with a full-colour HD image for accurate daytime colour rendering.

The thermal side of the DUO DXP55 features 2x to 16x magnification and the 4K Colour sensor provides 4x to 32x magnification.

Advanced image processing algorithms and Pulsar’s smoothing filter will ensure the picture always remains as clear as possible and reduces eye strain and fatigue over long periods of observation.



These incredibly detailed images are presented on a 1024×768 HD AMOLED display, ensuring crisp and accurate thermal imagery by night and clear, high definition observation by day.


Variable Magnification

The Thermion Duo DXP55 offers 2-16x variable magnification with an 8x digital zoom for enhanced observation at greater distances. This digital zoom can be achieved in 2x, 4x, and 8x increments  or in a smooth, continuous scanning mode.


Picture-in-Picture Mode with Dual Channel Capabilities

Features Picture in Picture mode (PiP), which presents a zoomed in frame in the top 10% of the display, allowing users to magnify objects of interest by x2-x4 and is capable of displaying both thermal and day optics at the same time within the same viewfinder.


Quick and Easy Focusing

Ambidextrous focusing knobs found to either side of the day optics housing have been added to ensure quick and easy focusing whilst remaining comfortable to operate. Fin levers can be found on these focusing knobs, allowing users to quickly and easily make micro adjustments whilst out in the field.


Up to 6 Hours of Power

Using a dual battery system, the Thermion Duo DXP55’s two batteries – one internal and one removable and rechargeable – offer effective power for up to 6 hours (depending on temperature), allowing users to continue their hunt well into the night. The replaceable battery is incredibly easy to remove, allowing for fast battery replacement, even in total darkness.


Retains Classic Riflescope Aesthetics

Based on solutions and components found within Pulsars flagship Thermion 2 XP50 Pro thermal imaging riflescope, the Thermion Duo DXP55 features a seamlessly integrated day optic housing located on top of the riflescope which contains a full-colour 4K optical channel for high definition daytime observation.

This housing remains low-profile, allowing this new multispectral riflescope to retain the familiar aesthetics of a classic daytime riflescope. Mounting is easy with a set of 30mm scope rings which ensures it never looks out of place on your rifle.


Built-In Video and Still Image Recorder

The Thermion Duo DXP55’s built-in still image and video recorder allows users to capture their favourite moments, storing them to the device or to Stream Vision 2 for enabling playback and video sharing.


Stream Vision 2

The Thermion Duo DXP55 enables connection of a smartphone or tablet to the Stream Vision 2 app, opening up a wide range of connectivity options, which include the following:

The ability to use a mobile phone as a wireless remote to control and adjust the riflescopes settings. View every change you make through the device on a smartphone or tablet screen in real-time. This feature also allows for remote recording of footage or the capture of still images.

A gallery of photos and videos captured on the device can be browsed and downloaded. These videos and images can also be shared.

Remotely update firmware and take advantage of all the latest features at your fingertips. Stream Vision 2 allows you to ensure your scope is always running at its optimum level.


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