The Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XL50 thermal scope features a super sensitive 1024×768 12 micron High Definition thermal sensor, to deliver an optical thermal performance, like never experienced before. 

Twinned with a 50mm F1.0 fast aperture lens the Thermion 2 XL50 LRF delivers immersive clarity and detail with a man sized detection range and the ability to use all of the 1.75x to 14x magnification with negligible pixelation. 


This incredible HD sensor will easily detect the smallest of temperature anomalies and seriously enhance the hunters ability to identify an observed animals trophy features. The objective lens features an internal focusing mechanism with ambidextrous focusing wheel on each side of the lens, enabling quick focus adjustments and allowing the hunter to keep their focus trained on the task at hand.

Clarity at Any Magnification

The high definition 1024×768 sensor allows the Pulsar Thermion 2 XL50 LRF to retain an astonishing level of image detail all the way through the magnification range, achieving improved focusing ability and better identification capabilities.

A 1024×768 HD AMOLED display provides a sharp and vibrant representation of the FOV and features enhanced colour rendering and a high contrast image to provide a clear and smooth picture whilst on-the-move and in any weather conditions/temperature.

Wide 14° Field of View

A wide 14° field of view on this riflescopes native 1.75x magnification opens up more observation opportunities for hunters, allowing them to explore landscapes and ensuring nothing goes unnoticed within a larger observation area. The combination of this field of view with the HD thermal sensor and powerful objective lens achieves an accurate and detailed thermal picture across the entire FOV.

Advanced Image Processing Algorithms

Groundbreaking filtration algorithms, adjustable sensitivity amplification, and fine brightness and contrast adjustments improves the image quality even further in specific shooting scenarios – making this riflescope perfect for long-range shooting in diverse weather conditions.

The adjustable sensitivity amplification settings work to define an animals trophy features and maintain a clear rendering of objects and backgrounds in the FOV.

Scaleable Ballistic Reticles

Also features scaleable reticles which are scaled proportionally to any magnification changes. The angular dimension of the reticle remains unchanged at all magnification levels, enabling quick measurements of distances and adjustments when shooting at various ranges.

10 Shooting Profiles & 10 Zeroing Profiles

10 shooting profiles are available, with 10 distance coordinates in each profile set for different shooting scenarios. These profiles are stored on the internal memory for quick rifle change-outs and on-the-fly adjustments.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode displays a small viewing window in the top 10% of the viewfinder, allowing for closer scrutinisation of an object/animal of interest, without the hunter ever losing control over the wide field of view.

8 Colour Palettes

For more effective observation of the field of view, 8 colour palettes are available to the user, optimising the riflescope for specific tasks and reacting to changing conditions in the observation area.

White Hot, Black Hot, and Red Hot are the perfect choice for object detection; Rainbow and Ultramarine are great for recognition and identification; and Red Monochrome, Sepia, and Violet are all ideal for night-time observation.


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