PULSAR FORWARD FN455S NIGHT VISION is a front mounted digital night vision attachment that enables users to convert their day scope into a high performance Night Vision riflescope. It is optimised for 2x to 8x day scope magnification, providing the perfect solution for those who wish to maintain a day scope on their rifle for deer stalking etc , and then quickly convert to night vision for foxing etc. . The FN455S comes with a 5x Monocular to turn the device into a state of the art night vision spotter.

Using an inline attachment the Pulsar FN455S Forward clip on night vision quickly and easily attaches to day scopes using a front mounted optional cover ring adaptor (not included). Once set up, it can be taken attached and removed without loss of zero.


A new Pulsar Ultra-X940S detachable IR illuminator emits 940 nm in the “invisible” range. The power level of the IR illuminator varies between 175, 350 and 700 mW depending on the required illumination intensity to suit a particular type of observation requirement. The optical part of the illuminator provides a flexible adjustment of the light flux direction for full and uniform illumination of the observation area.

The Forward FN455S uses proprietary software, cutting-edge electronic components and signal-processing algorithms to deliver one of the industry’s highest values of sensitivity in the infrared spectrum (night time sensitivity). The result is a device offering flawless passive-mode performance in deep twilight, without the requirement of added IR illumination. The high sensitivity in the 900-950nm range makes it possible to use the Forward FN455S with covert IR Illuminators.

Forward FN455S allows shooters to focus on quick target acquisition and shot placement in low-light environments without stressful, complex adjustments by utilising a sequential layout of optical and electronic components designed to provide precise sight alignment and ultra-easy adjustability.

The attachment’s design ensures stability of the point-of-impact when re-focusing the attachment at various distances.

The Pulsar BT Bluetooth remote operating panel is placed on the hand guard or stock of a hunting rifle. Using the Pulsar BT remote operating panel, the hunter only needs to make minimal movements to control the digital attachment features, allowing the user to concentrate more on hunting.


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