The Infiray Gemini GEH50R Multi-Spectral thermal imaging binoculars feature five modes of operation:  Focusable colour day viewing, Infrared night vision, 640×512 thermal imaging, Fusion and Picture in Picture displays.

The Infiray Gemini thermal binoculars feature a state of the art 640×512 12 micron sub 25mk NETD thermal sensor with colour day time  and infrared night vision capability, providing 24/7 observation, coupled with an integrated laser range finder for accurate distance measurements. 


Infiray Gemini is perfect for ecology, wildlife watching, hunting, deer stalking and security purposes, allowing users to seamlessly switch between day, night and thermal, or a fusion of light spectrums for the ultimate in detection capability.

Stunning Focusable Daytime Observation

An F1.0 50mm lens combined with a focusable, 4μm 1920×1080 colour day sensor, allows users to operate Gemini like a normal pair of optical binoculars during the day and night.

Day and night observation features a 3.8x to 15.2x optical mag.

High Performance Thermal Imaging 

Gemini allows you to detect objects up to 2600m away. Its ability to distinguish subtle temperature differences helps to build a more detailed image which aids in differentiating between various species of wildlife.

With a 4.1x optical magnification and up to 16.4x digital zoom, the Gemini thermal sensor can provide close up detail with minimal pixelation.

Intelligent Observation Solution

The intelligent image algorithm delivers full colour fusion of day time and thermal, or night vision and thermal.

With multiple scene modes such as “Infrared highlight”, “infrared edging” and “hotspot tracking” the Gemini thermal binoculars are a new generation of full colour fusion optics.

With intelligent PiP (Picture and Picture) users can “mix up” the output mode, and choose thermal with a zoomed in thermal pip, or thermal with a daytime PiP and vice versa.  Using the daytime colour mode with thermal PiP for example, users can scan a woodland and detect heat sources using the PiP window, and then observe using the colour main channel.

Ergonomic Design

Perfectly designed to be comfortable for long periods of use, Gemini features a two eyepiece viewing experience, with two HD OLED displays.

Further enhancements include perfect button placement, a simulated human hand grip and C shaped curved body design, with adjustable interpupilary distance.

Integrated Laser Rangefinder

Gemini features an integrated 1200m laser rangefinder with continuous ranging or single scan mode to allow you to accurately determine distances in either operation mode.

Fusion Mode

The Gemini fusion mode combines thermal imaging and digital imaging, merging the two optical images into one.

Thermal images often lack an abundance of fine detail, whilst digital images may not effectively emphasise target objects.

Fusion mode allows for the simultaneous representation of both the scene and object detail enhancing the thermal sources of the target as well as delivering maximum detail rendering in both optical planes.

Night Vision Mode

Gemini operates in low light delivering a sensitive colour image. When equipped with an auxiliary IR illuminator, Gemini can be used to provide a crystal clear night vision image, allowing you to observe a greater level of detail, such as markings on an animal coat which can’t be seen in a thermal image.

Capture and Share the Moment

With integrated video recording, sound, and still image capture, Gemini will allow you to play back hours of recorded content at home which can be shared on social media.


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