INFIRAY CD35 CLIP NIGHT VISION ADD ON  is a digital day and night front attachment with outstanding night vision capability, allowing you to quickly and easily convert your day scope into a state of the art digital night vision riflescope.

Featuring a 35mm professional night vision lens, excellent full 1080p ultra-low light HD sensor, OLED display, removable external batteries, 32G build-in memory, WiFi, record, capture, Bluetooth remote control, and more, the Clip NV is the ideal choice for hunting at night when you do not wish to dedicate a rifle to night vision.

The Infiray Clip NV provides crystal clear night vision at night as well as colour in low light/twilight.

Full 1080P sensor with excellent ultra-low light performance, to deliver a more detailed image for long range identification and target acquisition.

The sensor has a pixel size of 4×4μm. With a pixel size more than quadruple that of an average detector, the device can capture lower levels of ambient light aided by a professional objective lens specially made for night vision devices.

Clip NV features an IR Illuminator with adjustable direction to centre the IR beam in your field of view.

At the same time, IR Illuminator features an adjustable concentration ratio to deliver the perfect levels of illumination at different distances, adjusting spread and beam width.


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