The HOG SADDLE MOD 7 PRECISION TRIPOD MOUNT from Shadow Tech is a precision long range system to secure your rifle, which provides a extremely tough durable and lightweight shooting platform providing a rock solid method of pan, tilt, cant and swivel when attached to a tripod shooting system.

The HOG SADDLE MOD 7 PRECISION TRIPOD MOUNT is currently a standard issue item in the U.S. Marine Corps and other various Special Operations Units and should never be compared to the cheap home made saddle clamps on the market, the Shadow Tech Hog Saddle MOD7 tripod clamp will last forever and do its job 100% of the time and never let you down.

Made from a single block of aluminium, the Hog Saddle is like a piece of jewellery for your rifle tripod, beautifully made but with a purpose you can rely on.

The HOG SADDLE MOD 7 PRECISION TRIPOD MOUNT can be attached to a shooting tripod such as the Wicked Rekon, enabling a method of precision aiming and control on a rigid platform.

1.  Opens 1/4″ wider than original model.   (2 11/16″ Open, 1 1/2″ Closed)
2.  Incorporates a retention button screw to prevent unintentional disassembly in the field
3.  Weighs 15.8 ounces
4.  Added cut-outs to the base of the HOG Saddle. These narrow slots better integrate with tripod heads or QR plates that have anti-rotation video pins.

Q: What is the difference between the HOG Saddle and PIG Saddle.

A: Basically two main differences.

The HOG Saddle is CNC machined aluminium making it 30% lighter weight than the PIG Saddle. The PIG Saddle is slightly heavier due to its steel construction.

Stability wise, the MOD7 HOG Saddle will feel slightly more stable when shooting past 600 yards. Ranges closer than 600 yds are equally stable.

A premium product VS a proven product that gets the job done & doesn’t break the bank


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