The FoxPro X1 Digital caller is a powerful and compact unit that features a positional “Xtreme” High Definition XHD speaker. The XHD speaker is a horn speaker with an added tweeter for improved frequency response. The XHD speaker system allows for extreme volume capabilities and realistic sound clarity.

The FOXPRO X1 DIGITAL CALLER is handle folds out into a positional stand to provide elevation over various terrains that you might encounter. There is 1 external speaker jack if you desire even more volume an auxiliary jack to connect an approved device such as a Jack Predator Decoy and a charge jack. The X1 comes with 100 high quality FoxPro sounds with the ability to store and access up to 300 sounds. The X1 comes complete with a lithium battery and charger kit in the box

The FOXPRO X1 DIGITAL CALLER features an enhanced remote with an elastomeric keypad for effortless use even with gloves. It also has category files for easy navigation through sounds. The remote has a power on/off switch, volume up/down buttons, Scroll up/down, a mute button and much more.

  • Backlit LCD remote display
  • 1 external speaker jack
  • Aux jack, charge jack
  • USB reprogrammable
  • 2 custom preset buttons
  • Elastomeric remote keypad
  • XHD speaker system
  • 100 Pre-loaded sounds (plus 100 free sounds)


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