The EZVIZ PS600 PORTABLE POWER STATION is reliable and power companion for all your outdoor adventures. This compact and lightweight power bank packs a whopping 607Wh of power capacity, this power station is your reliable source of energy for any situation, whether you’re on a camping trip, experiencing a blackout, or working on a special project. Equipped with a variety of power output sockets the PS600 is ready to power all of your adventures: Fitted with five types of outlet to connect all of your devices on the move.

  • 2x 240v UK 3 pin Outlets
  •  3x USB A Outlets
  •  1x USB-C Outlet
  •  1x Cigarette lighter / Car Outlet
  •  2x DC 5521 Outlets

The EZVIZ PS600 PORTABLE POWER STATION is among the most portable power stations in the market with its space-saving design and comfortable handle is easy to take with you on any adventure. The PS600 also comes with a built-in LED light, which can be used for illumination or as an emergency light source. Recharging is achieved via USB-C, DC input, car port, or solar panel, making it extremely versatile and convenient. The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) constantly monitors performance, including voltage, current, and temperature. Its smart display shows the charging and recharging statuses, temperatures, and any operational warnings. Don’t let power outages or outdoor adventures stop you from staying connected and powered up. Get your hands on the EZVIZ PS600 Portable Power Station today.


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