The EZVIZ PS1300 PORTABLE POWER STATION is powerful 1,324Wh capacity, lightning-fast charging, and unmatched durability, it’s your ultimate power solution for all situations. From professional users to outdoor adventures, the PS1300 keeps your devices and appliances running. Plus it’s eco-friendly, allowing you to harness solar power without compromising speed. Whether it’s an emergency or a new adventure, the PS1300 has you covered.

The powerful 1,324Wh total battery capacity delivers massive power to keep your devices and appliances running wherever you are. Fitted with 6 Ports for multi-device charging you can power all your devices simultaneously.

  • 2 × AC Outlets (up to 2000W)
  • 1 × USB-C Fast-Charge Port (Up to 100W)
  • 3 × USB-A Ports

You can use the connectivity of the PS1300 Power Station alongside the powerful internal battery to recharge the following devices multiple times.

  • 95 x Mobile Phone (3119mAh)
  • 35 x Tablet (30Wh)
  • 17 x Laptop (60Wh)

The EZVIZ PS1300 PORTABLE POWER STATION supports Solar Recharging allowing you to embrace clean energy. Use the PSP200 Solar Panel (Available separately) to recharge your power station with green energy in 8-12 hours. You can also fully recharge the PS1300 in less than 2 hours from the mains power connection.

The PS1300 is Safe and Durable using a premium LiFePO₄ battery for long-lasting use and fast charging.

The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) constantly monitors performance, including voltage, current, and temperature. Its smart display shows the charging and recharging statuses, temperatures, and any operational warnings.

Stay powered up in any situation and make your adventures unforgettable.


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